5 Healthy After School Snacks Your Kids Will Love – I Like the Frozen Treat

healthy snacksSchool is now back in session as is the after school appetites. This means moms everywhere are looking for healthy after school snacks. You want to be sure your kids don’t eat junk food but you’ve run out of ideas for healthy treats.

After scouring several sites, I have come up with these healthy after school snacks that you will feel good about giving your children.

Healthy After School Snacks

  • The first on the list is Ham and Apple Wraps. There’s something about this combination that sounds good to even the pickiest of eaters.

    It’s simply apple slices with cheese, ham and a yogurt dip. I found this recipe at MarthaStewart.com for you to enjoy.

  • Second on the list is Ants on a Log, one that I haven’t seen since I was a kid. This is a healthy after school snack they will surely enjoy. You can get the recipe here.

    healthy snacksHere’s one that you may not have though of as a healthy after school snack for your kids.

    Hummus and Pita or Crackers: As an alternative to vegetables and dips, have some hummus on hand to serve with whole wheat pita bread or with whole grain crackers or breadsticks. Hummus is made with chickpeas (or garbanzo beans), which makes it a terrific source of protein and healthy fats.

    It may not sound like something your children would enjoy but you just may be surprised.

    Fourth on the list is another great idea.
    Frozen bananas. Cut a banana in half and put each half on a Popsicle stick. Roll the halves in yogurt and then coat with a crispy rice cereal or granola and freeze. Your child can enjoy them frozen or slightly thawed.

    Our last choice for a healthy after school snack it an all time favorite. You guessed it PB&J. It may not be low in fat as other snacks but your children love the peanut butter and jelly sandwich snacks.

    There are hundreds of ideas across the internet for healthy after school snacks that you can easily make for your kids. All you have to do is search.

    Your Turn

    I hope you try some of our favorites and let us know how your child likes them.

    Healthy Snacks to Go

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