American Chestnut Split-Rail Fence Birdhouse – A Piece of History

Chestnut Split-Rail Fence BirdhouseAmerican Chestnut Split-Rail Fence Birdhouse

This birdhouse is crafted from triangular segments of antique chestnut railing. It is a true split-rail fence birdhouse made from American Chestnut wood.

American Chestnut trees populated nearly a quarter of some eastern forests, particularly in the Appalachians prior to the 20th century. 

Chestnut Split-Rail Fence Birdhouse

Handcrafted in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, this unique birdhouse is a piece of history. Adding it to your backyard outdoor living space will add a touch of character.

Made by true artisans, the design and functionality of the birdhouse are easily seen in the details.

Birds love the design and it has easy access for cleaning after nesting seasons. The split-rail fence birdhouse will provide you with years of birding enjoyment.

Where do you get one? Modern Artisans, artful living for home, garden and soul.

Priced at less than $40, it’s a bargain for a piece of history. Get your split-rail birdhouse today and hang it in your backyard. The birds will thank you.


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