info-aff-links-1Backyard birds are always a joy to watch. Many only think about the springtime birds but the winter birds are always some of my favorites. I have to say the cardinals are one of my favorite backyard birds. Another one is the Purple Finch. I always get a ton of these cheerful birds flocking around the feeder. Keeping the right treats for them will keep them coming back season after season.

Backyard Birds A Simple Joy

Watching all the birds that come to my feeders is one of the simple joys of life. It allows you to simply let your mind drift in flight with them. Now squirrels? They are another story. Though they can be entertaining, it’s the backyard birds that provide the most joy as one of my favorite outdoor activities.

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Enjoy your birds.
When you have the gear you need, it makes backyard birding much more enjoyable. Stock up on your birding supplies to make your backyard a birding paradise.

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Backyard Birds Are a Joy to Watch Even in the Winter
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