Summertime Barbecue Recipe Secrets for Great Backyard Cookouts

barbecue-recipe-secretsSummertime is the time for backyard cookouts and some great barbecue. Everybody has their own special barbecue recipe secrets guarding them like they are gold inside Fort Knox. Almost everybody.

I found somebody willing to share not only his barbecue recipe secrets, but some great cookout tips for making some of the best competition bbq right in your own backyard.

They guy’s name is Bill Anderson with the Chatham Artillery BBQ Team. I’m talking pro barbecue here not just a weekend grill master. He’s the real deal.

Anyway, Bill has knocked it out of the park with his barbecue recipe secrets. You hear people talking about fall-off-the-bone ribs, you haven’t tasted ribs till you try these.

Bill’s method is more than just the recipe, it’s the method itself that really sets his mouth watering barbecue above the competition.

Enough of me telling you how good it is, you just need to see, and taste for yourself. Get Bill’s Competition Barbecue Book and you will know what I’m talking about.