10 Products That Benefit Your Service Oriented Business – I Especially Like #8

Have you ever wondered what products are great for a service oriented business? What types of goals can service oriented products accomplish?

In today’s digital world, you may not think that print products would be a viable way to benefit service oriented business.

You may reconsider once you realize these 10 products are a perfect way to advertise your service business.

Print Products for Service Oriented Businesses

Below are 10 ideas on how print products can benefit any service oriented business.

1. Newsletters & Bulletins
Goal: Give information and advertise upcoming events.

2. Flyers
Goal: Get large amount of people to attend a conference.

3. Folded Post Cards
Goal: Gain new information about members, customers or guests.

4. Mailing Services
Goal: Order, print and mail your jobs all in one place.

5. Business Cards
Goal: Give contact information for a person and/or a business.

6. Letterhead
Goal: Give basic information about your business.

7. Envelopes
Goal: Track donations and payments.

8. Door Hangers
Goal: Make the general public more aware of your service.

9. Presentation Folders
Goal: Brand your business with a professional appearance.

10. Booklets
Goal: Outline services and contact information.

PrintPlace.com realizes that it is important for you to know who your customers are and how to meet their needs and communicate with them effectively.

Think Beyond Digital

Service oriented business should think beyond their website or phone book. Printed materials such as brochures and flyers will reach those potential customers who may be in need of your services in a more direct way.

Unless your website is ranked for your local service area, you could miss out on potential business. Service oriented business can benefit from these printed materials simply by getting them in the hands of the people in your area.

Digital advertising is great, but for many, they still would rather have something to hold in their hands that looks good and sets your business apart from your competition.

If you want to increase your revenue in your service business, consider using printed products the next time you want more customers. Which should be just about all the time.


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