Best Backpacking Headlamp – Top 3 Choices

Top 3 Headlamps

Avid campers want the best backpacking headlamp to include in their camping gear. This is must have camping equipment if you are a on the trails, fishing or doing any night time camping activity. For the best backpacking headlamp, you can feel safe with any of our top 3 choices.

Best Backpacking Headlamp Review

best backpacking headlamp$19.95
best backpacking headlamp

Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

Petzl Backpacking Headlamp
When it comes to an economical headlamp this one is the best backpacking headlamp for the money. Petzl is one of the most sought after headlamps for any outdoor enthusiast. This one is well suited for anyone's budget. With an 80 lumen output, you will have plenty of light for lighting up the trails and paths while camping at night. Like to night fish? This is the perfect match. Compact and simple to use: push-button for easy, quick lighting mode selection, washable headband. When it comes to budget minded campers, the Petzl Tikkina is the best camping headlamp for the money.

best backpacking headlamp

Petzl - TIKKA Headlamp 100 Lumens

100 Lumens Headlamp
If you want a headlamp that is a little brighter, the Petzl Tikka Headlamp is the choice with 100 lumens. With Standard Lighting Technology, you can rest assured that maximum brightness will gradually decrease the battery drain rather than suck all the juice out too quickly. The phosphorescent reflector will help you locate objects in the dark quicker too. Priced slightly higher than the 80 lumen headlamp, this one makes our list at the number two spot in our review of best backpacking headlamp. A great choice for camping, hiking, fishing and bicycling at night.

best backpacking headlamp

TOTOBAY Waterproof 5000Lm Rechargeable Headlamp

TOTOBAY Headlamp
If you are serious about wanting a great headlamp for outdoors, the TOTOBAY is a great choice. We're talking some serious light here. 5000Lm serious. Waterproof, super bright LED bulb makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, cycling, climbing or just hanging out around camp. Do you work on your car at night? A great choice. Consumers say they get 5-6 hours of life on a single charge. This TOTOBAY outdoor headlamp is our #1 Choice for our best backpacking headlamp review. It may not be the most popular, simply based on price, but for features and function, you can't beat it.

Features of the Best Headlamps

  • Rather than gradually dimming as batteries drain, regulated headlamps offer a steady brightness level throughout the life of the batteries. This is a very popular feature of headlamps.
  • Water resistant headlamps is a must for the outdoor enthusiast. If you are ever caught in the rain, or splashing water from boating at night, water resistant is a must.
  • The tilt of the headlamp is critical for lighting your way at night. You want to insure it can point at the right angle as you go about your nightly activities. This is especially favorable when pitching your tent, scouting a path or baiting a hook.
  • Battery life will vary depending on the type of battery used. Lithium batteries are a favorite. They work well in colder weather. Ni-Cad batteries work well also. Rechargeable batteries work well, but if you leave them idle for longer periods of time they can lose their charge.

Choosing the best backpacking headlamp

When you are making your choice for the best backpacking headlamp, you should consider what type of outdoor activities you will be doing. If you are camping you may want one with a more focused beam to see the details of setting up camp at night.

For hiking and biking at night, you will want a brighter light with a wider viewing angle. The more light you can project on the path can help prevent injury.

Ultimately the choice is yours. A headlamp for night time activities is a perfect companion for making things easier and a whole lot more enjoyable.

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