Best Wine Bottle Openers

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When you choose a bottle of wine, you want the best. The same should be when you select your wine bottle openers. It should be made to the highest standards to insure it will open your wine, smoothly and quickly. You don’t want to have your wine bottle openers malfunction. These are among the top rated, best wine bottle openers on the market.

Wine Bottle Screw Pull Opener
wine bottle screw pull opener

MLVOC Premium Wine Bottle Screw Pull Opener Gift Set

Premium Wine Corkscrew
Based on the theory of user friendly and the spirit of innovation, this wine bottle screw pull opener set is extremely easy to use. Perfect for any lover of wine. 5 out of 5 star rating.

electric wine opener
electric wine opener

Ozeri Electric Wine Opener

Top Reviewed Wine Opener
When it comes to an electric wine opener, the Ozeri Nouveaux II gets a top rating with 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Precision Kitchenware Luxury Corkscrew Wine Stopper Set

Wine Bottle Openers

Wine is something you want to enjoy. Whether with a meal or sitting and visiting with friends. Your bottle opener should not put a damper on the atmosphere. There are three basic types of openers, the manual lever-style, electric openers and the

manual corkscrews. All of these will open a bottle of wine but the first two are the more popular styles.

The Lever-Style Bottle Opener
A good lever-style bottle opener will open your bottle of wine with ease. Once you have the corkscrew ligned up, you drive it into the cork. The lever will provide you with the leverage to remove the cork from the bottle. This lever-action will greatly reduce the stress from traditional corkscrews.

Electric Wine Bottle Openers
The electrics are becoming more popular all the time. With all the gadgets and apps there in the world today, this makes sense. Users are saying the
electric wine bottle opener is a snap to use. Simply line it up and push a button. One thing to consider if you are looking to purchase one of the electric models, is space. They are designed to stand on your counter and not be stored in a drawer.

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