Blog Tip #1023 Just Start Writing

Blog Tip to Get You Started

Here it is the end of October and this is Blog Tip #1023.

How many times have you sat at your computer and wasted an entire evening just staring at the screen or reading meaningless Twitter posts?

Not that Twitter should be ignored, quite the contrary. But that’s another tip on another night.

Recently I wrote about the fact that if you are going to blog, you simply need to forget all the SEO stuff at times and just start writing.

This is true especially if you are just starting out or maybe you have suddenly come down with the dreaded disease of what in the world can I blog about tonight.

So Just Start Writing

Even though I know that I should write something more often than I do, I myself will many times fall into the black hole of blogging where not even a syllable escapes, not one word gets written.

So the blog tip for tonight is this; just start writing. If you do, you will be a couple hundred words closer to realizing the fact that you really can do this thing called blogging.

Don’t wait, start now.

It’s your turn. Just start writing.


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