Building Your Own Backyard Chicken Coop

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backyard chicken coopRaising backyard chickens is no longer confined to the farm. Building your own backyard chicken coop allows you to be a chicken farmer anywhere city ordinances allow.

There are lots of designs, styles and types of chicken coops, however knowing how to construct them is another “bird” all together. That’s not to say you should be discouraged, you just need the right plans.

Building a Backyard Chicken Coop

Chickens are fun and exciting to raise. They not only provide farm fresh eggs for the family, but they are a great way to relieve stress from your busy day.

To insure your chickens are well taken care of, they need a shelter that will protect them from the elements as well as the varmints. You will need to insure your backyard chicken coop is constructed to provide the birds maximum protection.

You can’t simply staple some chicken wire to a few posts and expect to raise healthy chickens. It is your responsibility to make your chickens as happy as you can.

Happy chickens lay more eggs.
It’s that simple, happy chickens lay more eggs. So if you are going to be building your own backyard chicken coop you need to know exactly how to do so in order to raise happy chickens.

It may sound a bit crazy but if you want to test it, build a cheap chicken pen without consideration for your birds.

On the other hand, why not go ahead and build a backyard chicken coop that will survive the test of time. Choose a design that fits your space and your goals of a backyard chicken farmer.

Don’t waste your efforts on the design in your head. Get a full set of designs that work for your chickens with easy to understand plans.

In the end, you will save lots of headaches while providing your chickens with a happy place to call home. And lay more eggs.

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