How Calling 42 Elephants Can Save Your Blog From Man Eating Lizards

How can calling elephants save your blog from disaster?

Can man-eating lizards really devour a blog? I’m really not crazy so just stick with me on his one.

I got the idea when I was in my idea-gathering place, (the shower) and I started doing the Tarzan yell. Actually, I wasn’t doing the yell but I did get the idea for this article in the shower.

Recently I have read some blogs that I thought were not so great. I started asking myself the question, what could be done to save your blog.

As I was trying to come up with some ideas for my blog post the Tarzan movies came to mind. I remembered that was one of my all-time favorite shows as I was growing up as a young boy.

Save Your Blog From Disaster

How To Start A Blog That Matters

So let’s look at the 1936 movie, Tarzan Escapes and how it runs parallel to blogging and how it can save your blog from disaster.

The Lure of Wealth and Fame

The Movie: As this episode starts, Jane’s cousins, Eric and Rita travel to Africa to persuade her to return to England to claim a sizable inheritance.

Online: As you search the web for better methods of increasing your blog traffic and income, you come across sites offering great wealth, fame and all the bling, the headlines.

The Shady Offer

The Move: The guide for Jane and Tarzan is a shady character named Captain Fry who has heard of Tarzan and plans to capture him to display as a carnival attraction wild-man in England.

Online: As in many offers and claims, you see online, they actually have only one goal and that is to rob you of your money for their own self-gain.

Don’t miss-understand me on this, there is nothing wrong with making money online as long as you are doing it in an upstanding and honest way. Your blog should always follow the path that is well marked so your readers will know exactly what it is all about.

Now, back to the story of Tarzan Escapes.

The Tricky Headline That Sets The Hook

The Movie: Jane reluctantly agrees to leave when she learns Eric and Rita have invested their life savings in their trip to collect her.

Fry tricks Tarzan into believing that Jane has left him forever and Tarzan, dejected, enters Fry’s cage.

Online: A bit of a guilt trip here or as you may see on some blogs, “if you don’t buy now”…you may lose your chance for wealth forever.

This is as if you just pulled out your credit card and took the bait. This new, latest and greatest online course will surely make you the richest blogger on earth. Not.

But wait, there’s more!

The Movie: Jane and her cousins’ safari are attacked and taken prisoner by natives who practice human sacrifice.

Online: The despair of not getting what you thought you were getting can lead to discouragement and distrust. Do you mean to tell me this new course is going to cost me more than half-a-gazillion dollars I paid already? And it doesn’t work over night?

Calling on your strengths – The 42 elephants

The Movie: Tarzan manages to escape his cage by calling elephants to bend the bars so that he rescues Jane and her relatives from sure doom. (I don’t know exactly how many elephants there were but I do know, Tarzan is da man.)

Online: Realizing your blog needs some work, you start your search for credible resources and other bloggers who have been proven to be valuable by the content they create on their blogs.

You call on them and read their content so that you too can craft a blog that others will trust also.

Traveling through dark and uncertain times.

The Movie: As the story goes, the party, including Fry, travel through a dark, boggy cave to escape but at the end of the journey Tarzan directs Fry to reenter the cave. Fry slips and falls into a swamp where he is eaten by lizards.

Online: You realize you have been taken and quickly get a refund on the empty promise of wealth so that you can do what you have always known works, and that is work.

You start creating your own original and unique content that your readers will enjoy, gain value and see you as one they can trust.

The simple solution to a successful blog.

The Movie: Eric and Rita confess that Jane need only provide a signature to gain the inheritance and that she never did actually have to go back with them. Tarzan is very pleased that Jane does not have to leave him nor their jungle home.

Online: Hard work and a simple signature on your original work over time will prove more successful than the lure of wealth and all the bling.

Do the work that you know is right and never slide to the depths of a dark and boggy swamp again. This is one simple solution that will save your blog.

Having a happy blog and enjoy what you do.

The Movie: Once again, Tarzan and Jane learn that they are happiest when left alone by outside intruders interested only in their own self-gain.

You: Be wise and avoid those who say things like “if you build it, they will come” because as you really know, it takes dedication, hard work (at least smart work) and tenacity to be successful at blogging or any other task you may take on.

If you find your blogging is sliding to into the murky, dark swamp, or if you just need to take a different direction, make the change now.

Call the elephants, break out of your captivity, and start doing the things that will gain you the respect, trust, loyal followers of your work and save your blog from man eating lizards.

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Tell us what work are you doing to save your blog?


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