Carpet Odor Removal Tips That Work Every Time

You just cleaned your carpet, but there is an odor that lingers. How do you know what carpet odor removal methods work? Is there some magic technique that zaps them away? You need help so you turned to The Cleaning Consultant for your answer.

First, there is no magic in the removal of odors from your carpet. No magic wand to wave nor any odor removal spell to cast. There is however, a type of chemical that will actually work in the carpet odor removal process. It starts with knowledge.

Carpet Odor Removal

The Process
As with any cleaning tasks, there are processes to follow if you want the best results. It is no different with cleaning carpet. Once you understand a couple things, odors should never again be an issue.

Step 1. This may seem like a no brainer, but you have to first vacuum your carpet. This removes any dirt, cookie crumbs and other bits of unwanted stuff. (pet hair and such) No big deal, just vacuum your carpet.

Step 2. Clean your carpet. Using a carpet extraction machine is the best way to get the bulk of the deep down dirt and stuff that is causing the odors. I prefer using a carpet pre-spray rather than lots of carpet shampoo. You don’t want to leave too much soapy residue in your carpet. If you do, it will actually get dirty faster.

Step 3. Here’s the magic. Oh, I said there was no magic. I’ll re-phrase. Using an enzyme product is the secret sauce to carpet odor removal. The way enzymes works is simple. Think of the old Pacman game. That little yellow guy runs around the maze “eating” all the little dots. Think of Pacman as the enzyme and the little dots are the odors.

The enzymes eat the decaying matter that is causing the odors. Whether it be from spilled foods or pet odors, the enzymes will eat the microscopic decaying matter. Once it is gone, so is the odor. Like they say, eliminate the source, eliminate the problem.

One important thing to know is how to apply the enzyme products. You want one that is concentrated which has billions of enzymes. After you clean your carpet, spray your diluted mixture directly on your carpet concentrating on the trouble areas.

Note: Do not put the enzyme product in the extractor. You want to leave it on your carpet so the enzymes can do their job, eliminate the odor.
In order for enzymes to work, they have to remain moist. Once they dry out they go dormant or die. CLICK TO TWEET
If you are working only on a spot or very small area, dappen a towel and place it over the treated area.

Depending on the concentration of the odor in your carpet, you may have to apply the enzyme more than once. After you have completed this process, the odors will no longer be present.

That my friend is how you do carpet odor removal.


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