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Tactical Nerf Ammo Vest
tactical vest nerf
How awesome! A tactical vest for nerf gun enthusiasts. The ultimate armory for the power nerf player. Never run out of nerf ammo.
The Ultimate Back Stretcher
Increase your disc spade. Your back not your computer. This spinal decompression back harness will stretch you out.
Star Wars Measuring Set
Add a cup of R2-D2 with this awesome Star Wars measuring cup set. A must have for every Star Wars cooking enthusiast.
Nerf n Strike Rhino Blaster
nerf blaster
How cool is this for the boys (dads included) who love nerf blaster wars? It holds a full load of 50 nerf darts. Blast your enemy for ever. Awesome!
Dog Treat Brain Exerciser
dog treat exercise
Teach your dog to be smarter with this dog treat brain exercise slide. Hide the treats and let your dog enjoy the rewards. Smart doggie!
Magnetic Floating Globe
Need a cool office gift? This slick magnetic floating goal is sophisticated enough for any executive. Or even just the boss.

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Electric Foot File
Rough heels? Not any more. Grind those suckers smoother than a baby's bottom. Saves a ton of money on socks too.
Desktop Basketball Game
desktop basketball
He shoots and scores! An awesome gift for every basketball fanatic. Perfect for your executive. Desktop basketball at it's best.
Raw Citrine Pendant
raw citrine pendant
Awesome raw citrine pendant necklaces. Adding a new twist to going raw. The perfect pendant for the earthy naturalist.
A Cool Dinosaur Soup Ladle
Super fun! A dinosaur soup ladle for the kid cook. Your kids will love making soup with you now. If you can only get them to eat it.
Alcohol Camp Stove Burner
alcohol stove burner
Cooking up a pot of beans on your next camping trip will be a snap with this alcohol stove burner. Don't leave home without one.
Puppy Dog Car Seat
If you have to take your dog with you in the car, strap that pup in. No more roaming the back seat and licking your ears.