info-aff-links-1Certified mold removal companies will insure your home is mold free. Using such companies gives you as a homeowner peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe from the effects of mold. But how do you know you have mold in the first place?

Mold Testing in Your Home

Before you contact a certified mold removal company to perform mold testing in your home, there is a DIY Mold Test Kit that is reliable and easy to use. It is accurate and will detect mold if it is present in your home.

What You Don’t Know About Mold

Do-it-yourself testing for mold in the air and surfaces is fast and easy. When testing the air for mold one must conduct an air sample outside as the “control” sample and conduct an indoor air sample(s) inside suspect areas/rooms of the home. The comparison is made to determine if you have mold.

If mold is present, you will need a certified mold removal company. If mold is not present, using this DIY Mold Test Kit just saved you thousands of dollars.

My Mold Detective is finally here. Until now, solutions to limited mold and allergy testing have been unreliable, non quantifiable and expensive, also requiring an IAQ Professional to schedule to visit your home and perform an assessment and take samples. Understanding the types of mold as well as the concentration levels of mold we breathe into our respiratory system is important. MMD uses the same reliable, active mold spore capturing technology (spore trap “air” cassettes) used by the pricey IAQ Professionals, but at a fraction of the cost. When time is of the essence, 48 hour turn around on MMD’s Easy-to-Read Lab analysis is available. Finally, home mold testing with the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Certified Mold Removal

A certified mold removal company is just that. Certified. This means they have met all requirements for safe and complete mold remediation. If you do suspect you have mold in your home, you should contact a company with the certifications to insure the job is completed correctly.

You don’t want to leave the safety of your family to a fly-by-night mold removal company who does not have the certifications. It could cost you more than the cost of the service, it could cost your health.

New Mom? Test Your Home for Mold!

When it comes to mold removal, always go with the certified mold removal company. The cost of removal will be much less than the cost of potential medical bills and issues.

The one mold removal test kit that stands out above all the rest is the one many experts recommend. My Mold Detective.

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