Cindy Crawford Beach Style Sofa – White Denim

The Cindy Crawford Beach Style Sofa is no longer available. You can find similar sofas at Amazon.

If it is casual comfort you want, this beach style sofa is the perfect choice. You get the comfort of a beachside getaway with this 100% cotton comfy sofa. Washed white denim slipcovers cover comfortable cushions and will wear over time like a favorite pair of jeans. Arms and back are fully padded for added comfort. The Beach Style Sofa includes a pair of matching white denim toss pillows as well as a pair of contrasting red striped accent pillows.

  • White Denim
  • 2 Cushion
  • Pair of Matching Pillows
  • Wears Well
  • Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford Beach Style Sofa


A classic beach style look in a sofa that wears well and looks great. The white denim is perfect for that beachy look. The Cindy Crawford Beach Style Sofa is the perfect choice for your sunroom, den or maybe that special space where you can curl up and read a good book.

Where to Buy

Sorry. The Cindy Crawford beach style sofa is no longer available here.
Find similar sofas at Amazon.

Choosing a Casual Style Sofa
If you are looking to purchase a new casual style sofa such as the Cindy Crawford Beach Style sofa, there are a few things you should consider. After all, a sofa is an investment in your lifestyle so you want to be certain that you will enjoy your new furniture.

1. You have to like the way it looks. Nobody wants a sofa that doesn’t look great.
2. It has has to be comfortable. If you can’t get comfortable on a sofa before you buy it, why would you think it will change once you get it home? Go for comfort.
3. Is it well built? The construction of the sofa will tell you if it will last. The frame should be sturdy, solid and have some substance to it. You don’t want a sofa that wiggles or creeks when you sit on it.
4. Will it wear well? The material covering your sofa has to not only match your style, it has to wear well. Check the quality of the material. Does it have stain protection? Is it easy to clean? These are just a few of the questions you should ask before you make your purchase.

By following these few guidelines, you can rest assured you will make the right decision when purchasing your new sofa.