When it comes to cleaning wood floors, the best wood floor cleaner is not vinegar. Somewhere in time, someone said that vinegar is the do all, clean all household cleaner. Well, they are wrong. I’ll tell you why in just a moment but first, what is vinegar good for if not for cleaning wood floors and other stuff?

You see, everybody is looking for a cleaning solution that is green and environmentally, safe. That’s great but vinegar is not the magical cleaner many think it is. Here’s the scoop on the not so magic “cleaner”.

Cleaning Wood Floors

I understand you want the best wood floor cleaner to keep your new wooden floors clean and shiny. Well guess what? Vinegar is one of the worst things you can use on any type of finished floors.

Not just wood, but tile (VCT), ceramic or any floor with a finish, will not stand up to cleaning with vinegar.

Here’s Why.

If you want to keep the finish on your floors looking its best, if you want the shine to last and not become dulled, then stop using vinegar. If you insist on using it, make pickles. That is what it is best used for.

The Scoop

    1. Vinegar is acidic. You should never use acidic products on finished floors. The acidity will deteriorate the finish leaving a dull haze over time.

    2. Vinegar has no cleaning agents. If you look at the chemical breakdown of vinegar, it has no surfactants which you must have to actually “clean” anything.

    3. The pH of Vinegar. Vinegar contains about 5-10% acetic acid and water. This gives it about a 2.2 pH whereas 7 is neutral which is the goal for the best wood floor cleaner.

What can I use for cleaning wood floors?
All this being said, you want a floor cleaner that is as near pH neutral as possible. Neutral cleaners are not only safe for the floor finishes, but they are easy on the environment as well. Many of them are actually green sealed certified.

When it comes to cleaning wood floors, always look for a neutral cleaner for best results.

There you have it. Vinegar is NOT the best wood floor cleaner. I suggest that if you want to clean your floors and have them looking their best, stop using it now. Start using a ph Neutral floor cleaner. Whether you like my choice of Super Shine All or not, at least find something other than vinegar. Your floors will love you for it and you will love your floors longer.

Cleaning Wood Floors Does Not Mean Grab the Vinegar
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