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When someone asks me why is content marketing important, I ask them, why is oxygen important. I usually get this dumb look back, but after a moment of silence, the light bulb goes off. Of course oxygen is a requirement of life while content marketing is a requirement of business if you want it to survive and flourish.

The Importance of Content Marketing

I consider the importance of content marketing as one of the most important elements of business today. Let me give you an example.

This morning, while you were getting ready to make your first cup of coffee, your coffee maker died. It simply quit working. No coffee. What was the first thing you did, after you regained your composure? 

You sat down at your computer, or got out your cell phone and started searching for a new coffee maker. Ah, that one is perfect. You order it and it is on the way.

This is why content marketing is important.

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You see, someone owns the website where you found your new coffee maker. (Probably Amazon.) Someone wrote the description. They added the images, while adding more "content" for you to read to help you make your decision before you make your purchase.

So now, ask yourself, why is content marketing important. I think you can see my point. It provided you with information to make an informed decision and ultimately led to a sale for the owner of the coffee machine.

Content marketing drive sales.

Without oxygen there is no life. Without content there are no sales. And you know what no sales means. Out of business. You're not in business to go out of business. You are in it to make a profit, to have a better lifestyle. 

This is why you should care about content marketing. It has the ability, when done correctly, to drive sales. Whether you use it to directly sell products or to collect leads, content marketing is the one element of business that, can have more impact on your business than any other factors.

It is far less expensive than adding feet on the street. Its reach is limitless. Content marketing never sleeps, it works for you 24/7.  It is as close to set it and forget it as you will ever be. 


Why content marketing is important should make more sense to you now. However, don't think it alone is the answer to huge paydays. There is lots to learn about this method of marketing. One thing is certain though.

The players who embrace it are miles ahead of you. If you have not yet utilized this very important part of doing business in today's cell phone driven, digital world, then I suggest you take a hard look at where you want to take your business. 

Content marketing just may be the bus you have been waiting on.

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Why Is Content Marketing Important for Business Growth
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