3 Bloggers Do Content Marketing Right

resourcesIf you have been anywhere online as of late, you know that blogging using content marketing has become one of the best methods of starting or promoting your online career or business.

Of course blogging isn’t new but one thing that is making it so popular these days is the way you can use it as a content marketing tool like never before.

A Better Blog With Content Marketing

There are lots of ways to market your business using online tools and what I feel is one of the most important methods is your blog.

A blog can generate leads, provide insights to what your customers think and want and more so, what they buy. It is sort of like having an advertising agency or a super charged sales person without the expense.

Okay so someone has to write the content. But if done right you can reach more people with a single blog post than an entire force of sales folks.

If you do not have a blog for your business, even a brick and mortar business, you best get started blogging.

Where to Start

There are three bloggers I suggest you must follow if you want to learn content marketing.

    The first is Darren Rowse of Problogger who is one of the top full time bloggers you will find. Darren not only blogs about blogging but has a great blog on photography.
    Second is Brian Clark of Copyblogger who claims to be a recovering attorney who now blogs. Brian is one of the best when it comes to content marketing.
    Third on my list is Yaro Starak who started Entrepreneurs-Journey. Yaro blogs indicates his blog is centered around those interested in entrepreneurship, internet marketing, selling information online, blogging and personal development.

These three guys have been around for several years now and have created blogging empires if you will, that are loaded with valuable content.

When it comes to blogging, they know what it is all about. Their methods are similar but yet very different. Each has their own unique method of using content marketing while at the same time, all are quite successful.