Essential oil aromatherapy is one of the most sought after holistic approaches to relaxation healing. This method of “cleansing” the body and mind is not a new fad, as it has been around for centuries. But does it really work?

Essential Oil Aromatherapy

I suppose it depends on who you are asking, but I would say that the multitudes of people using essential oil aromatherapy would say it does work.

Essential oils are the oils of plants. They are extracted in a way that produces a product that when applied in various methods, helps the mind and body relax while some also are known to help in healing through a topical application.

One thing to be cautious about is that some warnings say they can cause allergic reactions. Depending on your tolerance to various allergens, please use caution when using essential oil aromatherapy.

Setting Up Your Aromatherapy

If you are considering starting an essential oil aromatherapy regime, you will need some simple items to get started.

Of course you will the the oils. But you will also need what is called an essential oil diffuser. By placing the oils into the diffuser, then turning it on, it will expel a mist of the oil into the air providing an aromatic fragrance which will fill the room.

This process of aromatherapy is the means in which the oils will do their magic. As the fragrance fills your senses, your will begin to feel a sense relaxation. Stress will find its way out of your body allowing it to have a healing effect. You have to do your part by letting your mind relax while flushing it of toxic thoughts.

Note: I do not hold any medical degrees, certificates or other related certifications. I do not claim that essential oil aromatherapy will provide you with any health related benefits.

This being said, there are multitudes of people who believe in this method of reducing stress and learning to enjoy a slower paced lifestyle. At least for a few moments during the aromatherapy process.

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