Fingerless Gloves or Should I Say Handerpants – Gag Gift

Fingerless Gloves Handerpants
Handerpants. Who ever heard of such? I have to say, this is one crazy gag gift. I suppose it is meant for men, but who knows these days.

Fingerless Gloves the Handerpants

If you already know you want a pair of these kooky fingerless gloves, you can grab a pair, or two at Amazon. Right now they are less than nine bucks a pair. And get this, they are Prime! Yep, you get free two day shipping if you have Prime membership.

Are these fingerless gloves practical? Probably not. But then the description does say “stylish for any occasion” if you can wrap your mind around that. Hundreds of uses? That’s right. You can read it yourself here.

Ok, this poses the obvious question, “why would anyone want to wear pants on their hands?” Because it’s cool? If you say so. But who am I to judge? If you like crazy, kooky gift items like the Handerpants fingerless gloves, then go for it.

Wear them to your next party. I’ll bet you get a few crazy looks. You just may be the talk of the town. Oh heck, you know you want them.

Grab a pair now.
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