How Do I Get Printer Ink Out of Carpet without Harming the Carpet

get printer ink out of carpet

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Get Printer Ink Out of Carpet

How do you get printer ink out of carpet without harming the carpet itself? Depending on how long the ink has been in the carpet will determine how well it comes out. Naturally you want to get to it as quickly as possible. The longer the spot sits, the more likely it will become a permanent stain.

Let's get that printer ink out of your carpet

Before you start spraying the spot with all sorts of cleaners, you need to understand the method you should use.

How do you get printer ink out of carpet?

Let's start with what you will need.

  1. A good carpet spotting chemical
  2. Lots of clean white towels (paper towels will do just fine)
  3. A carpet scraper
  4. Patients

So how do you get printer ink out of carpet? You will use the spray, scrape and blot method.

  1. Start by blotting with your white towels. If the spot has not dried, this will remove a good bit of the printer ink.
  2. Next spray the area with your carpet spotting chemical. You should pretty much saturate the area to be cleaned.
  3. Scrape from the outside to the middle with a carpet scraper. Even something similar to a credit card will work. Do Not Scrape Across the spot. Work from the outer edges to the middle. You don't want to spread the ink.
  4. Blot again. Never rub. Rubbing will force the ink deeper into the fibers of the carpet making it much more difficult to remove.
  5. Repeat. This is where patients comes in. To get printer ink out of carpet takes several attempts.

Bonus tip: Try not to let the ink dry becoming a stain. If it has already dried, the method described above is your best shot of removing printer ink from carpet.


Next time someone asks how do I get printer ink out of carpet, you can tell them what you just read. How well this method works depends mainly on how long the ink has been in your carpet.

I will say this, it will take several applications to get it completely out. But don't give up. The cost of new carpet is much greater than a little of your time.

Now you know how to get printer ink out of carpet.