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Home cleaning hacks are great if they work. How many times have you asked yourself, if only I had known ____. You can fill in the blank with just about anything. This post includes a few home cleaning hacks that help answer some simple “how to clean” questions that I have gotten during my career in the cleaning industry.

Useful cleaning hacks

I always try to approach cleaning from a logical point of view by understanding what caused your cleaning issue in the first place. These are the more common questions I get. I hope you find my cleaning hacks useful when you are going about your cleaning tasks.

My Home Cleaning Hacks

1. Quit Using Vinegar – Yep, this is my number one on my list of home cleaning hacks. Just about everywhere you search for how to clean, somebody somewhere is telling you to use vinegar. Not me. There are much better choices such as commercial cleaning chemicals and products. I’ll have to say it at least once more here, vinegar is for making pickles, not cleaning.

The reason I say don’t use vinegar to clean is simple. It has no cleaning properties, no surfactants which is what is required to clean. And besides, you are not a chemist when it comes to mixing homemade concoctions. Since vinegar is acidic, which makes it is harmful to the finish on your floors; especially wooden floors.

You need a pH neutral cleaner for floor cleaning. So please, whatever you think you are cleaning with vinegar, stop right now. Find a good janitorial supplier in your area or online who knows which cleaning chemicals are a better choice.

2. Cleaning Your Cutting Board – You use your cutting board for everything. You chop veggies, prep steaks, knead dough and yes, you spill stuff on it. You don’t want to use a chemical that is not suitable for food prep areas. There are products that are safe for cleaning kitchen food prep areas and cleaning your cutting board.

So what do you use instead? Try lemon and kosher salt. Citrus based cleaners are great cleaners so using a citrus fruit makes sense. The salt provides “scrubbers” if you will to help remove the food particles that are sticking to the surface. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

3. Baking Soda – Though I try to stay out of the kitchen category when looking for cleaning supplies, this cleaning hack is one that works when in a pinch.

If you have spills on your carpet, while you are running in a panic for paper towels, grab the baking soda. First you sprinkle it on the spil. The baking soda will absorb the liquid making cleanup easier. You can also use it to aid in cleaning up vomit when your little ones get sick on the carpet. A better product is Super Sorb. This is specifically manufactured for this purpose.

4. Removing Red Stains – There will come a time when you will spill red wine or juice on your carpet. Nobody likes to see those red stains. The best product for this is Juice Out which I love. Red stains are no match for this great product.

5. Get the Gum Out – Oh my! Gum. That delightful stuff the kids enjoy to chew, but never keep in their mouths. How on earth do you get gum out of carpet? Here’s the answer.

Boardwalk Chewing Gum and Candle Wax Remover This stuff works. Freezing the gum makes removal a snap. That’s what you do just snap it out. Try it and you’ll see why this one made my list of cleaning hacks.

6. Keeping the Drain Open – Maintaining a clean, and free flowing drain is not rocket science. Over time, your drain accumulates “gunk” on the inside walls of the pipes. Grease, foods and who knows what all goes down the drain. Keeping it clean and flowing is one of those neglected chores.

The easiest way to keep your drain clean and void of foul odors is to use a
liquid enzyme product. Enzymes work to eat the gunk leaving your drains clean and clear. This is not a drain opener, rather it is a drain maintainer. Just pour some down your drain right before bedtime and let it work for you. Happy dreams and happy drains for you.

7. Microfiber is Superior - Using microfiber is one home cleaning hack that everybody should know. It is by far, much better at cleaning up dust than any traditional cloth or rag.

You can find just about any type of microfiber cleaning tool you need. Dust mops, hand dusters, cloths, anything you use such as these are available in microfiber. As a split fiber, it gives you more surfaces and "barbs from the splitting process" which is the magic of microfiber. This one home cleaning hack will easily make your dusting tasks much easier. No more spreading the dust particles around. Capture and remove them with microfiber cleaning tools.


When it comes to home cleaning hacks, you can find as many as you have time to search for. These are a few that I feel will make your home life easier, while at the same time make your home much cleaner.

7 Home Cleaning Hacks Designed to Make Your Life Easier
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