HostGator Web Hosting Technical Service Rocks!

HostGator Web Hosting – You Can’t Beat It

I use HostGator web hosting and one of the key reasons is because their technical service really is that good.

Let me explain. Last night I had an issue with a couple of my sites where the images were not displaying properly. It was driving me nuts.

The Issue

I tried a few things on my own to resolve my issue, but none of the tricks I knew, which are limited, worked at all.

Maintaining a website can be a daunting task, especially if you are not a techie.

When you do have a technical issue that you can’t resolve yourself, you need a web hosting company that you can count on. I know I can count on the guys of the HostGator web hosting technical service department to keep my sites up and running.

I had a general idea of what the issue was, but after attempting to resolve my images issues myself, I realized that I did not have the technical ability to correct things.

The solution was simple.

So what did I do? I logged in to my HostGator web hosting account and pulled up the live online chat technical service guys. After explaining my issue, they went to work.

One of the good things about the online chat is the fact that I can be doing other things online while they are working on a fix.

Because it was getting late and I was needing to get some sleep, I simply let the tech know what the issue was and asked they resolve it without me having to stay online with them.

Problem Solved

This morning when I went to check the image issue, all was working perfectly. I even had an email stating what the issue was and how they corrected it for me.

That’s what I’m talking about when I say HostGator web hosting technical service rocks!

Seldom to I have issues that require technical service but when I do, the guys at HostGator step up and get my sites back on track.

The Swamp

You see, I have a whole swamp full of gators that can devour any of the issues I can’t resolve myself.

What is this swamp? It’s the HostGator web hosting technical service department. Where are they? Anywhere you are at any time day or night.

Do I recommend HostGator Web Hosting? You bet I do. These gators rock the swamp!

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