How to Fertilize Your Lawn with a Broadcast Spreader in 4 Simple Steps

A lush green lawn just doesn’t happen. You have to fertilize it, water it, cultivate it, manicure it, and repeat if you want the best results.

A broadcast spreader is considered by many to be the best method. So how to fertilize your lawn with a broadcaster spreader is one of the most asked questions associated with lawn care. It is by no means rocket science. Just follow these 4 simple steps to get the lawn you want.

How to Fertilize Your Lawn with a Broadcast Spreader

Okay. Enough of the mumbo jumbo. Bottom line, you want the best looking lawn on the block. Shoot how about the entire neighborhood.

If you think that deep green, luscious looking lawn just happens, you won’t like what I have to say next. It takes work, sweat equity, and tender loving care. Oh! It also takes fertilize.

Let me tell you how to fertilize your lawn with a broadcast spreader. You don’t need a Harvard degree to understand this one.

Step 1. Choose the best broadcast spreader. I won’t beat around the bush on this one. Just take a quick look at this Scotts Turf Builder Broadcast Spreader and get one. You don’t need to waste your time shopping around reading all the reviews. I have used this one and it works. Just like it is designed to do.

Step 2. Use the right fertilizer. I don’t recommend any one specific fertilizer simply because there are so many different types of grasses in regions all across the country. Just be sure to get one that is recommended for your type grass in your area.

Step 3. Fill your broadcast spreader with fertilizer. Adjust the settings according to the directions on your bag of fertilizer.

Step 4. Start walking. Back and forth, the crossing your paths will insure full coverage.

Now you know how to fertilizer your lawn with a broadcast spreader. It’s not rocket science nor do you have to be a master gardener. One other thing you should do is water your lawn.

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