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Indoor Air Quality – oransi
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You want the quality of the indoor air you breath to be the best. Oransi Hepa air purifiers are rated #1 in the only comprehensive university study. It’s the performance you need for better indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality with oransi

HEPA filters were first developed during World War II by the US government as a way to create an effective gas mask. Little has changed with HEPA filter media since then and it remains the most effective way to remove particulates from the air.

By definition, a HEPA filter removes 99.97% or more of particles that are sized 0.3 microns and larger. Allow me a moment to get nerdy and explain why the standard is based on 0.3 microns.

HEPA sets the standards when it comes to indoor air quality. Oransi is the standard in air purifiers.

True HEPA filters are fairly expensive to manufacture and with a push to provide affordable air purifiers, many are sadly marketed as HEPA or true HEPA filters when in fact they are not. These filters are probably made with HEPA filter media however when they are bent to form the small filter (ie less than 2” thick) and very little filter media is used there can be a significant drop in performance.

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