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Comprehensive List of Inside Sales Tips

social media strategySocial media strategy is something you know you should be better at doing. I'm sure you have gotten the automated Twitter DM with some lame, meaningless message that is totally irrelevant. You ignore it and move on or maybe even "unfollow" the person who sent it in the first place.

You and I both know that social media is not the best platform to try and make a hard sale. And automating everything you post simply comes across as robotic. Doesn't social mean to be engaged with others? Your goal with your social media strategy should be to make yourself as authentic as possible. People follow and become engaged with people. Not robots.

So just how do you make your social media strategy more meaningful?


How to Be Authentic

Though there are many companies and individuals who use social media automation, they are able to still come across like humans. People that you naturally have an interest in. But how to they do it?

Being more authentic is really rather simple. These three social media strategies will help you become more authentic. You will find that more people will become interested in what you have to say. You can then start to develop business relationships, friendships and still be able to market your business.

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Here's how.

1. Say thank you

Everybody loves to hear these two words. Say thank you and say it often. You don't have to go wild with it but say it like you mean it.

Here's a few opportunities to say thank you.

  • When someone follows you
  • When someone adds you to a list
  • When someone mentions you in a post or tweet
  • When someone shares your tweets
  • When you read a blog article that you enjoy

2. Turn the automation off

How many times have you heard or read that the best way to make an instant connection is to use a person's name when you are talking with them. Not only use their name, but use it in the first few seconds of your conversation.

But be aware of using the first name automated reply. People can see right through it. Before you reply to a new follower for instance, check out their profile and even their website or blog. Find out a bit about them and then customize your response. 

This will go much further than any automated response ever can. 

3. Social media is not all business

Employing a more personal approach in your social media strategy will let people know you are real. You are approachable. Not everything is business. People, just like you have personal lives. Talk to them. Don't be selling all the time.

Reach out to those you find interesting and make contact. Find a point of interest that is not business related and start there. Once you have a common interest, then you can find a way to work in some business that won't turn them off.

Maybe the two of you like a good baseball game. Mention it. This will go much further than you know.


Implementing these three simple yet effective social media strategy tips will put you on a path to gaining much more than followers. You will make business connections and you just might make a few friends.

Be social, be authentic. Be you.

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