Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

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outdoor pizza ovenOutdoor Pizza Oven, Wood Fired
This is a traditional and fully insulated, wood burning outdoor pizza oven that you will love once you put it on your deck or patio. Take your pizza parties to an entirely higher level. Kids love pizza and they will love the experience of making their own wood fired pizza. Invite your family and friends over for a pizza experience to remember.

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Outdoor Pizza Oven


This is a traditional and fully insulated wood pizza oven made in Portugal! This beauty is built to last and make great pizza. Make more than pizza. You can bake bread, cook meats and veggies, fish and lots more. Grills are great, but an outdoor pizza oven adds another level to your backyard cookout.


The clay core is fired in a pottery kiln for hours under much higher T than the oven will be exposed to in course of regular use. The base is reinforced with rebars and is made from concrete with expanded clay below cooking surface to provide insulation for the floor. The temperature sensor is inserted into the oven itself for a more reliable temperature reading. Since the door on a pizza oven is open most of the time, this makes perfect sense.


Pizza is a universal fun food and cooking it in your very own wood fired outdoor pizza oven makes it an experience, not just a meal. After reading the reviews on Amazon, we feel this is one of the very best pizza ovens you can buy. Functionality, construction, reviews and price make this a pizza perfect value.

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