Popular Cuff Bracelets that Stand the Test of Timeless Design

popular cuff bracelets

Popular Cuff Bracelets Handcrafted by Modern Artisans

The cuff bracelet has become a very popular piece of jewelry. Even more so when it is handmade by modern artisans. A simple design with an elegance of a timeless beauty, is what makes popular cuff bracelets in high demand. Timeless design, endless beauty.

Beauty Lies in Freedom Cuff Bracelet

A cuff bracelet like no other. This sterling-plated cuff is pierced and threaded with contrasting chocolate brown leather.  Raised images of a daisy, an organic leaf, and a wild horse adorn the cuff. 

This beautiful cuff bracelet is handmade in the USA by modern artisans. It is handcrafted in Tennessee. It has a rustic charm with an elegance of sophistication. 

$119.99 at Modern Artisans (gift box available)

Cuff Bracelet Bear Rustic Copper

A copper cuff bracelet is known for it's therapeutic benefits. When a rustic bear is added as part of the design, it becomes an authentic piece of artisan jewelry. Each bracelet is individually handcrafted. This means no two are exactly alike. This rustic bear is hand formed in copper in the state of Colorado.

$39.99 a bargain at Modern Artisans 

The Popular Cuff Bracelets

What makes this simple designed piece of jewelry so popular? Simplicity.

The simple, unique designs of the all popular cuff bracelets are what make them so popular. The handmade pieces offer unique design when made by modern artisans.

Many of these type bracelets are made from sterling silver. But one of the more popular materials is copper. Copper is known to have therapeutic benefits. For centuries, many cultures have realized the beneficial effects. In contemporary times, it is thought that copper micro-nutrients absorbed through the skin help relieve symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis and muscle pain.

A piece of jewelry from modern artisans means it is unique and handmade. These two pieces are just that. Popular cuff bracelets.