Protection From MRSA Staph Infection

mrsa staph infectionIn order to help prevent MRSA staph infection, your first line of defense is to keep clean. Some staph bacteria cannot be killed with commonly used antibiotics such as over the counter types. They have been found ineffective against the MRSA.

Protect Yourself From MRSA Staph Infection

Wash your hands frequently using plenty of soap and water. This will remove the largest threat of the infection and keep it from becoming more serious.

For those of you who participate in contact sports and activities, you are more susceptible to contracting MRSA than those who do not.

This is not to say that you should stop enjoying your sport, rather you should use caution and be aware of all scrapes and cuts. The MRSA bug can enter the body through these openings in the skin which can then become infected.

Protecting Yourself from MRSA

You should be sure to treat all open wounds and scrapes with an antibacterial product that is designed to kill the MRSA bug.

Insure that you keep these wounds and scrapes covered with a bandage to reduce the chance of spreading and as always, seek medical attention if you even suspect you may have a MRSA staph infection.

MRSA And Your Hygiene
Personal hygiene is critical in the prevention of MRSA as well as keeping soiled and dirty clothing clean.

All uniforms, workout clothing and other articles of clothing that become soiled and sweaty should be washed daily. If you are involved with sports, keep all personal protection clean and dry. Never share towels. Do not share or use equipment until it has been properly cleaned and disinfected.

Facilities that provide workout equipment and showers such as gyms, dance studios and spas, should take extra precaution to disinfect all areas where people share these common areas and items.

Disinfecting on a daily basis is critical to reduce the chance of anyone contracting MRSA staph infection. Be certain that the disinfectant that you are using has a MRSA kill claim on the label.

If you are unsure, contact the manufacture and request this information. Most janitorial suppliers will have the disinfectants you need to kill this super bug.

Recognize MRSA Symptoms
Early MRSA symptoms of a staph infection may be a small, red bump resembling a bug bite or pimple on the body.

Common areas where it may be found are in exposed areas such as arms and legs. It is also found in areas that sweat more including the underarm, buttocks, and groin.

The pimple-like bump quickly becomes painful, red and enlarged. There can also be several in one area.

This infection acts quickly, often causing flu-like symptoms such as fever and vomiting. It is a serious infection that can also be deadly.

These MRSA symptoms are right on as I can relate to the infection I had on my knee many years ago. It was amazing how fast this infection increased in size and yes, it is painful.

Once in the hospital and treatment began, it took over a week for this staph infection to subside. Had I not recognized the symptoms, the outcome could have been much worse than a few days in the hospital.

By following these simple guidelines you can do your part to prevent and control MRSA staph infection.

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