info-aff-links-1Rescreening a patio door is a great way to keep your costs of home improvement under control. Replacing a screen door is obviously more expensive so if you have that DIY knack, rescreening a patio door is the way to go.

Rescreening a Patio Door

A screened patio door will let the cool breezes in while keeping the bugs and mosquitoes out. Nobody wants a screened door that is full of holes and in shambles. Rescreening a patio door to keep your home it top shape just makes sense.

For those of you with the DIY know how, this should be an easy job. If you feel you don’t have that ability, there are plenty of services that rescreening a patio door is part of their business. I suggest in this case you call one in your area.

To help you out, popular mechanics has a great article that shows you the exact steps that you will need to take to replace the screen in your patio door. It also lists the tools required for this type repair. By doing it yourself, you will save on your home maintenance budget while having that sense of pride that you did it yourself.

The process to repair your screens is actually pretty simple. You will need a few tools which you can get at your local hardware store. Be sure that you follow the directions on any DIY project to insure the best results.

Whether you choose to do the repair yourself or have a service company do it for you, keeping the screens in your patio doors will ensure a more pleasant time spent on your screened in porch.

Rescreening a Patio Door vs. Replacing a Screen Door
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