Develop Your Sales Management Process System

sales process management systemYou're new to sales. You're anxious to get started. So off you go, heading out into a jungle of the unknown world of sales. But hold on! You forgot one crucial element. You don't yet have a sales process management system in place.

What? A sales process management system? You've got to be kidding. All I want to do is sell stuff.


How to Develop Your Sales Management Process System

Unfortunately, this is the way so many new sales reps get started. The companies they work for just throw them to the wolves so to speak. Little to no sales training. Yet they weigh them down with the undue pressure of making sales right out of the gate.

If this sounds familiar, then I've got good news. I'm going to teach you how you can develop a sales process management system that will work for you. One that will set you on the right path so that you will learn how to make the sale without all the pressure from the company or sales manager.

But first, you need to know what a sales process management system is all about.

Mastering Your Sales Process: How to Create a Winning Sales Process for You, Your Boss, and Your Prospects

The Sales Process Management System

In a nutshell, it is a method of selling that has a defined process. When you follow it, you will find your sales career to be lots more fun and profitable.

The system is used as a guideline that will take you through the sales cycle from discovery, or lead generation, to closing. If your company has a system in place, follow it. Should you find it to be a burden that holds you back, start developing your own.

Here are the guidelines to get started.

Develop your ideal customer profile. Your customer profile is a crucial step in the development of a sales process management system. What type business will you be selling to? Institutions, industrial, or maybe consumer to consumer, C2C? Write a brief description of your idea type of customer.

Who is your buyer? You know your product, but who buys it? Who uses it? Men, women, age group? Define your buyer by jotting down what you feel is the idea buyer for your product.

What about the benefits? Who does your products or services help? What makes it unique that they get a higher benefit from your stuff?

The lead generation. Now that you have a better understanding of who your idea customer is, how do you come up with leads? If the company you work for has a lead generation system, great. But if they don't, here are a few ideas.

Google. Search for your idea type customer online. 

Social media. Yep, this is a biggie. Twitter and Facebook are full of customers. Your customers.

Local groups. Join your local service or business groups. Leads are everywhere.

Cold calling. Don't do it. You are in business to make sales, not cold calls. Develop an introduction for voice and email. Once you have done a bit of research on your idea customer, you can start the actual process of getting appointments.

Keep your appointments. If you set it, don't forget it. Enough said about this one.

Follow up. This is where a lot of sales are missed. 

Add value. If you are not adding value, I'm talking value as your customer or prospect perceives, then keep working to figure it out. You're smart so just get it done. You'll surprise yourself.

Is there more?

Absolutely there is more. Lots more. But if you start with these few steps, you will find that your sales management process system will start to develop on it's own. As you become more at ease with using a process, the more sales you will make.

Your system is yours. It's how you go about selling yourself first and following your system to make it work for you. It is a dynamic thing. Always changing. Always making more sales.

One last note.

Pay attention to your victories. When you make a sale, ask how it fit in with your sales management system. How did you modify it? How long was the sales cycle? What worked and what didn't. Doing this little exercise for your victories and those that didn't turn out so well will help you in the long run.

A proven system works. Make your sales management system work for you.

Here's to a successful sales career.

Mastering Your Sales Process: How to Create a Winning Sales Process for You, Your Boss, and Your Prospects





Sales Process Management System Developing One that Works for You
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