Selling Solutions Is Solving The Customer’s Problems

To succeed in sales you must understand that you are selling solutions. Not Products. Your prospect or customer has a problem. You have what they need to solve that problem.

Selling Solutions Is Selling The Hole Not The Drill

Anytime someone buys a drill, they don’t want the drill, they want a hole.

It is your job as a professional sales person to understand exactly what your customer wants and start selling solutions.

Before you can solve your customer's problem, you first have to understand what the issues are that are creating problem. There is only one way to do this and that is to ask questions.

Asking Questions Results in Selling Solutions

The issue with many sales people, especially those just starting out, is they don't know which questions to ask. It's not just about asking the right questions, it is also how you ask them.
selling solutions
Of course you have to ask questions that will lead you find the answers so that you can start selling solutions. Be sure to ask those questions that prompt your prospect or customer to reply with an answer that you need to find the solution.

Many times when you are selling solutions, you have to lead them to the answer, which is your product that solves their problem.

There are lots of sales techniques you can use but I have found that asking the right questions produces greater results. Results that end in a sale and money in your bank account.

Finding The Right Resources

When I first started out in sales over 30 years ago, the one thing that helped me the most was to read books on selling and related topics.

If you want to have enormous selling success, you have to start selling solutions. To do this, you have to read and study everything you can find on your chosen profession of selling. is loaded with books on selling which is one of my favorite sources of books and sales tools. Grab a couple of good books on selling and start down your successful selling solution road today. Books

Your Turn

Winners sell solutions. Tell us how you are selling solutions in the comment box below.


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