Slow Running Faucet? Fix it Without Tools or Plumbers

info-aff-links-1 Did you know you can fix a slow running faucet without any tools and without calling an expensive plumber? You absolutely can if you know this one simple tip. One of the main causes of a slow running faucet, one that many people are not aware of, is trash in your water lines. Don’t panic. Trash in water lines is rather normal especially if your pipes are older.

Fix Your Slow Running Faucet

The only way you will know if trash in the lines is the culprit is to remove the nozzle. Normally you won’t even need tools for this fix to a slow running faucet.

Here’s what you do. Remove the nozzle from the portion of the faucet where the water comes out. Simply loosen it by unscrewing it from the faucet. Inside there are several pieces including a diffuser screen that can become clogged with bits of faucet debris.

First check to see if there is any visible trash or debris. If there is, simply wash it out. Normally there is no need to remove the screen inside but if you do, it will pop right out.

Next let your water run for a moment or two for any loose trash to be washed away from inside the faucet itself. Now you can replace the nozzle. This should solve the mystery of a slow running faucet provided there are not any other issues.

If you will take just a few minutes every month to clean out your faucets, you can prevent the dreaded slow running faucet in the future. It only takes a few minutes and is well worth the time and the money you will save by not having to call the plumber.

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