Quit Thinking So Hard and Just Start Writing

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It’s Time You Just Start Writing

Until you just start writing, you will never get anything posted on your blog.

Okay, so you are in a slump or maybe you’ve not even gotten out of the gate. You know you need to write, but what?

You can’t think of anything to write about and you are bored with all the keyword research and SEO stuff.

Good. Now that you know where you stand, start writing.

That is the only way you will ever get anything posted on your blog.

It does not have to be perfect, nor does it have to make much sense. There will be time for all that later. Just start writing.

You don’t even have to read the rest of this post, just yet, though you may want to later. I would rather you just start writing so you can at least say you accomplished something worthwhile.

You do not have to post whatever it is you write, but by getting down to business, it will put your mind on the right track and you will feel a whole lot better about yourself and your blogging.

What About The Research?

There are many, many pages and blog posts on how to start writing and many of them start with research.

Hey, you have already done enough research for now; you have a good idea of the direction you want to take, so get to it. Start writing.

Just Start Writing

Just pick a topic, something like your favorite brand of shirts and start writing about that. It doesn’t hurt to ramble as you write since you can come back and edit it later.

Speaking of editing, if you don’t start writing there will be nothing to edit. If you get after it, you can crank out 300 to 400 words rather quickly.

Once finished, read it to yourself. If it makes sense go with it. If not, edit it then post.

By-the way, there are about 315 words to this point which only took me about six minutes.

When you simply start writing, your mind gets in gear, your fingers interpret your thoughts and before you know it, you have a blog post.

Be sure you read this part twice. Research, including keyword research, topic research and SEO research are important. But until you write something, nobody is going to read it anyway.

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