Taking Ownership of Customer Problems Makes You The Hero

Customers call, contact or visit for one reason, they need help! You can become their hero if you are taking ownership of customer problems.

Get real…If you own the problem, you own the customer. If you lose the problem, you lose the customer.  It’s just that simple. Take ownership of your customer’s problem, and solve it.

Taking Ownership of Customer Problems

Take ownership of the problem. If you try to delight customers in every way, even when you think you can’t, you will become a long-term winner. If you let them go away, someone else is sure to take care of them that day…and for days beyond.

Think of it this way, your customer is looking to build a new product to complement their existing line of equipment and they are running into a roadblock trying to find a particular switch.

The switch in their current design is limited in its function so they call you to help. They need a solution.

taking ownership of customer problems

Your job as a professional salesperson is taking ownership of customer problems, get the specifications and find a solution. By securing the right part to enhance their design you will solve the problem.

You let your contact know that you know exactly what she is looking for by asking the appropriate questions and insure her that you will find the right solution for the new design.

Then you go out and do what you say you will, provide the item with proven results.

Taking ownership of customer problems not only will you get the order, more importantly you will increase your worth with the customer.

They will see you as a valuable asset to their business.

Your job is taking ownership of customer problems, own them, and solve them.

It’s that simple.

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