Tips For Reading Product Reviews – 4 Things You Should Look For

onine shoppingReading product reviews is a smart thing to do when considering making a purchase. Especially if it is of a higher dollar value. You want to insure that when you do buy, you are getting what you want at a fair price.

Some product reviews are packed full of great information that help in the decision making process while others are shallow and offer no help at all.

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Reading Product Reviews – What You Should Look For


  • The first thing I look for when reading product reviews is the features. Does the item have all the bells and whistles and gadgets that I want? Is it visually appealing? What features are missing that are on my “must have” list? Look for the features first since this is what triggers many emotions to buy.
  • Functionality

  • Does the product you are interested in work? This is critical when reading product reviews. If you don’t find statements indicating that it works the way you expect it should, it may not be the right item and you should keep looking. Function can mean many things depending on the item. Basically functionality is this, when you get your product you don’t want any problems. You want it to “plug and play” right out of the box, doing exactly what is is designed to do and meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Benefits
    Look for the benefits as you read product reviews. Will the item make your life easier? Will it help you to be more productive? Can it save you money? How will it provide you with peace of mind? The benefits depend on you and what you feel is important.


  • If you notice, I have pricing last. This should be the very last thing you should consider before making a purchase. Just because one item is priced much lower than others doesn’t make it the best choice. You should expect to pay a bit more if the item you are interested in has all the features you want, if it works as it should or better, and if it will benefit you in ways the exceed your expectations. If it does all this, you should expect to pay around 5-10 percent more. In the long run, it will most likely be well worth the few extra dollars.
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