Are The Twitter Experts Passionate About You or Themselves?

How Many Twitter Experts Are There Anyway?

One thing I have noticed is there are lots of Twitter experts.

The fact is, that just about everybody is an expert at something when you are on Twitter.

There are the life coaches, the social media experts, marketing strategists, branding professionals, and those who are passionate about helping you follow your dreams and living the good life.

Sound Advice

Shoot, if you were to follow all the advice of just half of those you follow, I suppose you could call yourself one of the Twitter experts too.

You see, it is simply human nature to want to be the best at whatever it is you do.

Adding Value

One of the problems is, the so-called Twitter experts really do have some good advice but many are not able to recognize that what they do offer is often times of great value. Of course, it is up to you to weed through those that have something of value to you and let go of those that don’t.

As you read the tweets of the Twitter experts, you can soon determine who is interesting and adds value to your endeavors. They are the ones you need to pay attention too.

That being said, let me assure you there are thousands of people on Twitter who really are experts as they claim they are and easily add lots of value.

Check out their profiles, examine their websites and see if they hold up to their tweets.

You are looking for those who add value to your pursuit of your goals and not theirs. If everything they tweet about is about them, then maybe you should reconsider following that particular Twitter expert.

Which Twitter Expert to Follow

How you determine whom you follow is entirely up to you and more is not always the best choice. Be selective with the Twitter experts you follow. Just because their bio is well written, look beyond the obvious and check them out further.

You can look at following a Twitter expert like this: You wouldn’t blindly follow someone over a cliff (unless you are Thelma and Louise) so why follow someone on Twitter just because they are clever enough to have a catchy bio.

Again, just because someone is on Twitter and considers themselves an expert doesn’t mean they will add value to your direction.

Who are the Twitter experts you follow?


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