Types of Online Marketing for Beginners

Whenever you search for types of online marketing, you will get more results than you could sift through in a lifetime. For beginners, knowing where to start is extremely overwhelming.

Especially if you haven’t a clue about the online marketing world. It can be a brutal beast.

Types of Online Marketing

From affiliate marketing to direct marketing, there are lots of options. But there is one type that I feel is better than all others for someone just trying to figure it all out.

It’s called affiliate marketing. As you explore and do your research, I think you will find among the many types of online marketing, this will be the one you settle in on, especially as you are just starting out.

This is a type of marketing where you promote products of other people or companies and receive a commission for the sale. You can promote affiliate products with a blog, social media, email or any other number of ways, all online.

It Can Be Brutal

Of all the types of online marketing, affiliate marketing can be two things, easy and brutal.

Easy since it’s simple to get started, brutal as there is so much to learn before you make any real money.

You will find that you will spend countless hours reading everything you can find on the subject, just to change directions several times before you settle in on your niche.

Best Advice

If there is one single piece of advice on the different types of online marketing, it is this.

Simplify. Pick one topic, preferably one you know in depth, and work on it until you have mastered the process.

Don’t try to be everything to everybody until you know what you are doing. This will save you tons of money on ibuprofen and anti-acid medications let alone hours of your time you will never recover.

Once you have a grip on the marketing method you choose, then you can start learning other types on online marketing.

The Good Stuff
There is good news though. You can make lots of money or just a little online if you focus and get to work.


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