Our Top 4 Funny Unique Kitchen Gadgets – #1 Is My Favorite

Unique Kitchen Gadgets That Top Our List

Is there a chef in your family or do you simply love to cook at home? Are you a self-professed culinary master or do you flop when it comes to cooking? Either way, it’s always fun trying to find new and unique kitchen gadgets whether for yourself or as a gift.

Everybody has the traditional garlic press and soup ladle yet you still crave that need to find just the right gadget. The one nobody has but once you see it you know it’s the perfect unique kitchen gadget.

Ah Choo Nose Shaped Pepper Grinder

Not everyone has one of these and we all nose, make that know, that fresh ground pepper tastes best.

Ah Choo Nose Shaped Pepper Grinding Mill: Hilarious Home Kitchen Gadget

Amazon Price: $14.09 Buy Now
(Price as of 04/15/13)

Magic Salt & Pepper Shakers

Spread a little magic on your cooking skills with these whimsical and magical salt and pepper shaker. A little fun makes everything taste better. This is one unique kitchen gadget.

Fred and Friends Salt + Magic: Salt and Pepper Shakers
Amazon Price: $8.75 Buy Now
(Price as of 04/15/13)

Prehistoric Pasta Server

A prehistoric pasta server. Since the dawn of time, mankind has labored over the challenge of slippery spaghetti. Then pastasaurus appeared on the earth, uniquely adapted to this very task. Yes, another unique kitchen gadget.

Fred Pastasaurus Pasta Server
Amazon Price: $7.82 Buy Now
(Price as of 04/15/13)

Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Twirling is a better way to eat spaghetti and it’s a proven fact. Or at least we tend to think that way. Eating pasta has never been easier – or more fun than with the Wild Hog motorized twirling fork.

Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork
Amazon Price: $7.15 Buy Now
(Price as of 04/15/13)

There you have it. Our list of our top four favorite and unique kitchen gadgets. Add one to your gadget drawer today and you know your favorite chef will want one too.

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