When the Economy Is Down How Do You Make More Money?

You can make more money in a down economy if you focus your efforts on doing the right things. The down economy has affected more people in more adverse ways since the great depression.

At least that’s the way you may feel if you are on the downward end of the spiral.

Everything you see or read indicates the economy is like a teeter totter at best. Up one day, down the next. People are still without jobs and for many it seems like the road is coming to a dead end.

Focus to Make More Money

I remember watching an interview with T. Boone Pickens many years ago when our country was in another economical crunch. Oil prices dropped out the bottom and he being in the oil business lost a lot of money.

He was asked how he though things were looking during this hard time. His reply was “things are looking up” at the surprise of the interviewer. After all, the first billion is the hardest.

He then explained that when you are flat of your back, the only way to look is up.

The Right Attitude

When you adapt an attitude of “looking up” when life has you down, then it won’t be long before you will find yourself climbing out of your rut.

But you have to focus. If you want to make more money when things aren’t going quite your way, change your attitude and start looking up.

One thing about people is they will always buy something. Finding the right affiliate products is key if you want to make more money, especially in a tough economy.


If you don’t do your research, how do you know people want what you offer? This is a crucial part of affiliate marketing. You have to offer the products people are buying.

From your keyword research to market research, you have to put in the time to maximize your ROI. If you want to make more money you can’t skip this.

People are still buying and those who are focused on the activities to move them in a forward direction will win. Everybody else will simply fade away.

Focus now if you want make more money.

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