You Can’t Write a Blog Post In Your Sleep But You Can Dream

Regardless how hard you try, you simply can’t write a blog post in your sleep.

If you are trying to come up with the next big thing, that hot blog post that goes viral in twenty seconds only to find yourself waking up in your chair at your computer, get up and go to bed. Get some sleep.

While you can’t write a blog post in your sleep, you can dream. And you know what they say about dreams…

Dreams Really Do Come True

You can try to stay awake and finish that great blog post you are working on but if your mind keeps losing its signal, call it a night.

When you allow yourself to relax and fall asleep in your bed rather than your office chair, your mind relaxes too.

One technique I use is to concentrate on one simple happy topic just before falling asleep. Many times I will then dream about the topic. The next morning still be able to recall in detail the parts that seem to make that blog post I was searching for.

Don’t Force It

If you try to force your thoughts something gets lost between inspiration and pen or keyboard as it is today.

If you are exhausted you can try to stay up beyond your creative capacity but you probably won’t have that Jerry McGuire moment. You know the one, it’s where Tom Cruise stayed up all night writing his epic memo that the entire office raved about.

But you know what happened next. That gig was over and the all nighter was in vain.

So don’t force your blog posts. Don’t over exhaust yourself to the point where you become ineffective with your writing.

Turn your computer off, get up out of your chair and get some sleep and dream. Because tomorrow is another day and you don’t want to miss it if your dream comes true.


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